Communication From A Traveling Poet

a hand raising a conch shell

Photo by Anastasiya Badun

When I reflected upon words to determine the title of my second book of poetry, Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose, because of my travels around the United States, much of Western Canada, portions of Mexico and nine countries on the west side of Africa, it was obvious to me that traveling became the common denominator. Much of that physical traveling was done during my twenties and thirties. I am a traveling poet.

As I dramatically increased my poetry writing during the year 1984, while living in Sedona, Arizona, it began what I call travelling in my mind.

After living five years near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho I moved to Oregon in 1990 and Central Oregon in 1994, where I live to this day. Finally getting to full retirement in 2018, I soon commenced serious writing of poetry. For myself, I then coined this saying, “I became a mind traveler” which is a powerful thing that is vast in scope. As a labor of love, mind traveling permeate my writing endeavors to this day, and is extensively used when I write poetry.

I freely admit that I strive to make a humanitarian difference through poetry where my intention is to connect heart to heart and soul to soul with each reader. It is my desire to have the reader think about and come to know that much of my poetry endeavors to be thought-provoking, as a motivator to then challenge readers to make a life difference in every way they can.

Topics such as love, loss, heartache, growing up, death and dying, humor, making a difference, expanding righteousness as a part of right human relations, and living in ways to strengthen the human family, do provide me with plenty of subject matter.

Through poetry styles and structure, I indulged my burning desire to write poetry both for myself and to share with the world. That poetry is written for family, young people, and for those who are supportive of right human relations. It matters and success, one person, one deed at a time is my goal.

To each reader, be your own mind traveler and look for ways to make this world of ours a better place. Both individually and together, we can do it and certainly, this world of ours desperately needs it. And remember, sharing is caring.

                                                                   June 2024

                                                                   Brion K Hanks