Lessons We Can All Learn from Heartbreak

Heartbreak lessons shared by Brion hanks' poetry book.

Photo by Brion K. Hanks

Hell is when you feel the snaps from the same little breaks in your soul. Heartbreak can tear you apart and render you numb. What happens if you don’t recover? Can you take heartbreak lessons and carry them with you for the rest of your life?

Nothing is more emotionally painful than a broken heart. From it, the following feelings cascade: anger, depression, and sometimes, numbness. An aching heart is a universal truth based on the human experience. It’s not a specific nor an exclusive circumstance, but it can bring the most damaging effects to anyone.

Heartbreak is a feeling that author Brion K. Hanks knows all too well. His thought-provoking poetry book Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose Along the Road Before Me teaches us how the healing power of poetry that tackles human pain help us break free from its cage. Brion K. Hanks lays his heart bare, writing poems about love and loss. If there’s anything that Brion K. Hanks wants to reassure readers it is this: you don’t have to be alone on the journey to learn lessons from heartbreak. 

Lessons we can learn from being heartbroken

A broken heart can make us think and act differently. For instance, losing someone we love feels like time got frozen, and we are stuck in a place right where they left us. Everybody might have moved on and gone their way. The rest of the world may not stop for a broken person, but experiencing heartbreak is too painful for us to care about. It even takes time to process and develop ways to overcome our feelings.

Brion K. Hanks’ poetry book contains inspirational poetry and prose with musings on the past, present, and future. These excerpts from the book Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose Along the Road Before Me teach readers how to live and power through life regarding love and loss. The poems written by Brion K. Hanks were meant to encourage people provide comfort, and focus upon the development of one’s character.

There’s no greater semblance of closure than learning what pain means, even after enduring the gut wrench. How can we gain heartbreak lessons when the instance alone may cause us to temporarily lose our minds?

“Giving up” is a powerful thing.

The world consensus has taught us that “giving up” is a weakness. On the contrary, “giving up” makes us strong for the right reasons. For example, letting go of a loved one who left or someone with no plans to return. It’s difficult to watch your life with someone you love fade even though you’re still together. You find it hard to let go because of the time and effort invested in that relationship.

Until we know when something is not suitable for us, “giving up” will remain a secret weapon waiting to be discovered. But it’s also understandable why people find it hard to give up. It can mean different things to people due to their present inescapable situation. You see, giving up on something or someone will surely cost everything. But what we can learn from giving up is the light waiting at the end of the tunnel.

Some might think that once you give up, it is a sign of quitting. We need to learn that the art of giving up can be a goal itself. Sounds weird? Not really. Societal norms seem to tell us we’re weak in order to know when to leave an unhealthy situation. But know this: you are not wrong to give up when you experience a broken heart. It is about facing whatever, heart, mind and soul, and then moving forward as a means to get on with living.

“Running away” can still count as bravery.

Before going through some form of heartbreak, you may struggle to express yourself to others. It feels like time has stopped for a moment, and you can’t live without that person. When we experience loss and grief, it’s almost like everything around us crumbles to ashes. However, we soon realize that heartbreak lessons reveal themselves in pain. It is relevant to remember, “this too shall pass.”

Brion K. Hanks encourages readers in his poem to take “A Leap of Faith,’”no matter how scared we might be. We must never allow ourselves to be shackled by hate. To grow, we must remove the excess baggage as we run away. It’s not wrong to unload and move the obstructions out of our way.

Heartbreak lessons are all around us – not to be ignored, but to be endured and to be survived. And when the pain has been felt to its fullest, you get up and brush off the dust. You’ll know when it’s time to go. And once you do, reality becomes bearable, and it’ll encourage you to keep living and loving. That is what the poetry of Brion K. Hanks communicates.

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