When Shadows Loom: How Poetry Can Help Find the Light

poetry can help find the light with the wisdom it provides

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With the multiple benefits people receive from poetry, there’s no questioning its timelessness and prevalence in society. Poetry can help find the light, making sure the life people are traversing – a crucial advantage to receive from it.

“What’s in your heart and in your mind
Is with you everywhere you go.
So, why be on the train of fear when
faster and faster frees no fear?”

– Brion K. Hanks

This excerpt is from faith poetry for encouragement written by Brion K. Hanks. Titled “The Train of Fear,” the poem is meant to clarify such a confusing and detrimental sensation and uplift everyone going through this internal turmoil. Given how fear is an emotion present in everyone, this material connects and resonates with every reader. It’s a powerful poem that benefits everyone, teaching them how to shift their perception of fear and cope.

Some might be in awe at how words can make whole the life people often grapple with piecing together. Others may even question their weight and how they can bring such an impact. However, Brion Hanks proves the power behind words, especially when woven creatively into poetry.

A Universal Language and Shared Experience

It has been a long time since people have taken to literature whenever they face challenges. They seek answers from others who have experienced relative situations. Literature has served as a shortcut to life. It reflects reality readers can vicariously live through and learn from.

Such is also applicable in poetry.

While primarily it doesn’t provide situational narratives and is mainly expressed as creative imagery, poetry is also a rich source of life lessons. It helps authors express themselves and convey principles that they believe are essential. Poetry can help find the light in any situation, a vessel carrying truth that others live by or believe in. These words may be portrayed through a complex lens. But the meaning that comprises it also conveys an immeasurable value.

From the readers’ end, poetry helps unravel the endless complexities of life. Penned by people who have gone through the highs and lows, it may as well serve as a guidebook to life. Poetry is a shared experience, for it comes from and touches on people’s vulnerabilities, matters that resonate with everyone regardless of their disposition.

This cultivates a healthy connection between authors and audiences, one built on their emotions and desires. Looking at the bigger picture, both sides benefit from poetry. It offers a mutual exchange, a give-and-take of wisdom everyone can learn from. Sometimes, people want to know they aren’t alone to be able to fight through the challenges. Poetry is an excellent source of this comfort.

A Truth Untold, Poetry Can Help Find the Light

Multiple studies have proven the various benefits of reading and writing poetry. The art combats stress and reduces pain. Poetry also improves mood and work performance, significantly impacting life.

How does it do so?

One of the reasons why it’s claimed that poetry can help find the light in any situation is because it has the power to alleviate mental and physical burdens. As a form of expression, pouring one’s thoughts into poems is a form of release. Through weaving words together, poets provide a way out of the thoughts that burden them. This release is also what readers go through while reading.

It’s not only a vicarious companion, a reminder that people aren’t alone. Poetry can help find the light amid dire moments, as well. They’re penned by individuals who’ve been through these situations, a cathartic release of what they’ve gone through. Hence, from the readers’ lens, poetry validates these difficulties while offering guidance for what they can do.

A Means Toward Newer Perspectives

It’s no question the emotional ride every poem’s audience goes through. With its rich imagery and evocative language, poetry expresses a wide range of emotions that readers may picture out or vicariously experience. Given its typical detailed descriptions, poetry allows readers to process with the authors. By simply reading these accounts, readers ride through these emotions, expressing them in a way that’s not only healthy but also beneficial.

“By getting off the train of fear you
Arrive at the station known as Freedom.
The freedom to help, the freedom to heal.”

Throughout reading these accounts, poetry can help find the light by showing situations from the author’s angle. This offers a new perspective and fresh insights. Paired with vivid imagery and metaphors, poems provide a powerful delivery that will leave a significant impact on its audience. It celebrates not only creativity but also people’s resilience and strength.