Poetry Books to Read While Traveling and for Avid Travelers

Poetry Books to Read While Traveling and for Avid Travelers


We all need some poetry books to read while traveling because indulging ourselves with poems is a good way to pass the time as our vehicles or planes travel along the path to our destination.

In today’s world, most people are stuck looking at their screens. When riding trains or buses, you’ll typically see eyes glued to smartphones. If you’d like to be in the moment with fewer distractions, grabbing a poem book and reading some lines from it is a good way to do this. You can start by reading Brion K. Hanks‘ poem books, “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry” and “Prose and When the Rose Fades.”

Today, we’ll examine some of the best poetry books for traveling!

Alex Diaz’s “Love and Wine”

Love and Wine offers a thought-provoking analysis of love. Diaz demonstrates how it appears in romantic, friendship, family, and self-love relationships. She possesses a contemporary poetic voice and also invites the reader to feel and remember the gaps between previous and present connections.

Brion K. Hanks’ “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose”

The book is a stunning compilation of poetry and prose. The writer examines the difficulties and problems most people face when they lack the will or conviction to take action to improve their lives. It’s already a given that a lot will always be going on in life.

Everyday tasks keep people’s attention on the task at hand rather than the path to happiness that we are all seeking. These poems contribute to the growth and inspiration of the optimism everyone needs to continue moving forward and discover the serenity we all want.

Brion K. Hanks’ poems will surely make you feel and might even help you deal with the pain of loneliness. It’s genuinely a poetry book for travelers. Here’s a sample for you to read:

Grace Gellatly “For Now I’ll Just Be Okay”

Grace Gellatly’s “I’ll Just Be Okay .002” lays a path for recovery and self-acceptance. This work provides a literary companion by telling a unique tale involving growing up, experiencing heartbreak, traveling worldwide, and disenchantment. It’s one of the best examples of the many poetry books to read while traveling.

Readers must travel toward their path to accept themselves for who they are. The ultimate aim of embracing whatever we feel and wherever we find ourselves in our current lives will always be worth the journey, no matter where our physical selves may go.

Emory Hall’s “Made of Rivers”

The route in Emory Hall’s Made of Rivers resembles a vast river that cuts across the shallows and shoals found on the hearts of humans. Every turn and curve change our viewpoints into streams that flow into a vast ocean of love from which gravity cannot separate us.

Alysa Levi-d’Ancona’s “Absurd Palate”

Alysa Levi-d’Ancona’s “Absurd Palate” can be compared to a banquet of language around a table. The poet invites us for a multi-theme lunch with “subverted expectations” and “overt appetites.” The reader will connect with a blend of fiction and poetry, providing every literary delight in novel and satisfying ways. This culinary adventure captivates the reader course by course and leaves us wanting more.

Whitney Hanson’s “Climate”

Whitney Hanson’s book Climate is a meditation on change, guiding us through the ongoing internal and external changes we experience in our lives. This intricate title highlights embracing the splendor of change and the importance of weathering these experiences as we grow more in touch with our evolving interpretations of reality, from heartbreak to changing weather patterns.

Shelley Wong’s “As She Appears”

Next, we’d like to introduce everyone to Shelley Wong’s debut poem, “As She Appears.” In it, Wong shares her experiences of her personal path as a gay woman of color.

Profoundly intimate, sorrowful, and passionate, the poet honors and considers previous partnerships. Most people can identify with these emotions. The poems present art as a way to make sense of the situation and the outside world.

Start Enjoying Poetry Books to Read While Traveling Today

There you have it, folks. These are some of the poetry books that we recommend any traveler bring with them during those long hours of traveling. Reading poems is ideal because it helps break the monotony of traversing the liminal spaces to get to where you want to be.

We highly encourage everyone to try Brion K. Hanks‘ poetry books, “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose” and “When the Rose Fades.” Found inside the pages are amazing poems that will truly pull on anyone’s heartstrings. Visit his website at https://www.brionkhanks-poetry.com/tales-of-a-traveler.html and order a copy of the book today.