Poetry Therapy: People Unmask Themselves Through Poetry

poetry therapy

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Poetry has long existed within civilization as a means for people to express themselves freely and without restrictions. But can this liberation be translated into a remedy? Does poetry therapy help?

Poetry is the oldest form of literature.

Poetry is among the rawest, most personal forms of writing, deemed to even predate the art’s origins. It taps into humanity’s primal need for expression and relief without obstructions due to technicalities and standards. Poetry allows people to maximize their language without doubts and hesitations, giving them space to convey their desires.

Poetry strips bare literature from all its complexities. It exposes the mind’s contents in its most unadulterated and liberated state. Hence, if it’s anything, poetry is an honest exposure and a declaration of what people wish to say. It unveils the purest and most meaningful parts of their internal monologues, showcasing who they are and what they want to be.

Poetry Is Honest, and This Honesty Is Part of Self-Healing

“Those early childhood years passed in a flash.

Yet, to a large extent, I have grown with no fears,

And feel blessed because your tears are now cheers.

While there were times that I caused undo stress,

Those frailties and flaws which I must allude

Have taught me to have sincere gratitude.”

– Brion K. Hanks

This is an excerpt from Brion K Hanks’ poem Dear Mom And Dad, a piece that spills the poet’s innermost thoughts and appreciation for his parents. Without the hindrance of judgment or consideration of the language’s intricate system, Brion K Hanks has managed to bare his mind and emotions onto paper. This is precisely the healing effect of poetry. It allows individuals to pen whatever they wish, unraveling the muddle and clutter they have kept in their heads.

Freedom poetry allows authors to express themselves openly, aiding growth and healing. Hence, this literary expression is a form of expressive therapy as it allows people to break through any obstacles that may hinder their free-flowing expression. It takes down their facades, the strong fronts or perfectionistic tendencies, to give due space to liberated expression. Brion K Hanks states that he has been triumphant with this form of writing which he is happy to share.

While poetry can be complex, given the imagery and tools it must embody, it can also be powerful and freeing. This depends on which lens the author is looking through. This poetic beauty allows people to break through their defenses, allowing them to bare their honest opinions and souls. The reader has the luxury to simply read and visualize.

How Brion K. Hanks delivers his poetry is a testament to how freeing and relieving art can be. Not only does it encourage writers to be as imaginative, but it also urges them to tap into their deepest senses.

Poetry Therapy, Expression to Restore the Self

Art therapy has numerous kinds and channels, one of which allows people to heal through literature. Poetry therapy incorporates narrative poems into an individual’s healing journey. It opens the mind to capture one’s innermost thoughts, especially during dire times. Poetry therapy honestly captures people’s emotions without them second-guessing themselves and the sentiments they’re using.

This form of therapy opens people’s journey to self-discovery through a more profound sense of awareness and self-understanding. Through poetry therapy, people not only express themselves but also actively validate themselves throughout the writing process.

Expression is the best relief.

It sets people free from the burdens of thoughts and emotions that weigh them down. But as humans can easily be overwhelmed, most may experience blockages that allow for absolute expression. They can also be pretty logical, always rationalizing the emotions they’re feeling and adding reasons behind why they’re experiencing whatever.

But with poetry therapy, these factors aren’t taken into account. People can freely express themselves without hesitation or judgment. They can be as honest, abstract, or emotionally erratic as they like as long as their words reflect and capture the emotions they’re going through.

And then if they choose to share, we the reader get to experience what is written. A real treat.

Poetry therapy is a means of obtaining clarity amid heightened emotions. It gives people a cathartic release by allowing them space to pour their emotions and insights out honestly. This deliverance is what people commonly seek to move forward and better understand themselves.

Hence, in writing poetry and attaining this clarity, people discover a way to better themselves.

The Reader can go to www.BrionKHanks-Poetry.com to get a great sense of Brion’s writing style presented via his poetry and prose in his two Poetry books titled: “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose” and his first book: “When The Rose Fades”. As well, you can order his two poetry books at his website.