The Use of Feminine Expression in Poetry Over Time

A woman's hands reading a book containing feminine expression in poetry.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Self-expression, social commentary, and exploration of the female experience make feminine expression in poetry very powerful.

The evolution of feminine expression in poetry is a testament to women’s changing roles, perspectives, and aspirations over time, from the poetic musings of ancient goddesses to the revolutionary verses of feminine expression; such a trajectory also reflects the struggles, triumphs, and ever-expanding horizons of women’s experiences.

To understand the art of poetry over time, we must ask: Do we still need to read poetry? We may have to discover the evolution of feminine expression that shaped what we know about this art form. 

Society’s Perceptions of Women Because of Poetry

Poetry’s evolution of feminine expression became a pivotal point that shaped and challenged society’s perception of women. Over time, female poets have used their creative voices to defy toxic social standards. Breaking the glass ceiling. You can even find some famous tortured poets, particularly the women who bled their hearts out on paper. While no one has to be the Sylvia Plath nor the Elizabeth Bishop of today, poets like Brion K. Hanks can still relate to their experiences. His poems like “This is My Life” reflect the pining for a past life that was once a fond memory that pushes one to move forward. 

Furthermore, through their poetry, Brion K Hanks and all of those women broke down traditions forced upon them. In past eras, women’s voices were suppressed, and their roles were confined to domesticity. However, these female poets took the challenge, daring to express their desires, ambitions, and even frustrations. 

The full range of emotions in each verse highlights women’s universal experiences. Moreover, expressing their feelings through poetry helps them gain agency over their individuality.

Poetry Asserting Agency and Empowerment

Feminine expression in poetry is a tool women can use to assert their agency. It’s to also claim their own safe space in the patriarchy. Their thoughts are voiced out, dismantling the carefully built system that the oppressive society built.

In a similar fashion, Brion K. Hanks would ponder life and its continuous learning experience as if going on a trip around the sun. Going back to the feminine expression in poetry, we can see that the journey from advocating for autonomy was a struggle worth fighting. These women’s poems, including poetry by Brion K. Hanks, celebrated female strength and intellect, never belittling them or underestimating their capabilities. 

Generations of young women in particular are inspired by such poetic expressions of empowerment. Over time, they are brave enough to embrace their femininity and use their voices to assert their rights as an important part of humaity.

Redefining Society Through Feminine Expression in Poetry

Brion K Hanks, in the following poem, speaks to you as a traveler though this life, and focuses on our annual trip around the sun.

For someone to change the world, a collective voice may need to be used for amplification. This is where the feminine expression in poetry becomes a catalyst, shifting the direction for social justice. Female poets have always addressed their plight and brought them to the forefront of public consciousness. Through their powerful verses, conversations have sparked, and social constructs have been touched. As a result, a motivated collective is forged, taking action towards a more equal and just society.

On another note, female poets broadened their worldview against narrow-minded beauty standards. They changed what it means to be a woman by celebrating what the world deems ‘imperfections.’ For centuries, young women have been subjected to unrealistic standards, which persisted for a while. Gradually, however, poetry helped them express those frustrations by rejecting unrealistic definitions of beauty.

Poetry has taught the world through words that we should be more compassionate in understanding women’s bodies beyond appearances. Even a male poet like Brion K Hanks fully acknowledges that there is beauty in many things, and we must strive for greater kindness to prevail.

Inspiring Future Generations Through Poetry

Whether you’re a poet, reader, or thinker, the evolution of feminine expression in poetry continues to make an impact. It also created a legacy that can’t be tarnished, which continues to shape how the world sees women. So, in return, future generations gain a wellspring of inspiration and power for women around the world.

The world is a fountain of creativity that shouldn’t be underutilized. That is why Brion K. Hanks’ poems are family-friendly poetry for gatherings. Everyone can take turns expressing themselves wholeheartedly, exemplifying the wonder of poetry. A copy of “When The Rose Fades” written by Brion K Hanks is a great start for immersing everyone in poetic beauty. Brion followed that book with his second book of poetry published in 2024 entitled: “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose”.

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