Serenity: Feeding and Nurturing the Soul Through Poetry

Through poetry, feeding and nurturing the soul can be achieved.

Photo by Jill Wellington

Brion K. Hanks is the writer of poetry that heals the soul. In this article, we explore how poetry resonates with us. Through poems, feeding and nurturing the soul is simple.

Poetry has a special place in the human gestalt. Through our mastery of language, we can express the deepest parts of ourselves. Thus, poetry transcends mere communication. Poetry becomes a tool that heals the soul. It becomes a balm for the wounded spirit, a mirror reflecting the myriad vulnerabilities of an individual. It also transforms into a bridge to a place of solace and potential renewal. As such, we will delve into the power of poetry as a tool for feeding and nurturing the soul, exploring its mechanisms, diverse applications, and the profound impact it can have on our well-being.

How Poetry Resonates

Poetry isn’t just about conveying information. A poem is akin to a spell, creating a transcendent space where the reader can connect with the poet’s emotions and experiences. This connection is key to the healing potential of poetry. When we encounter a poem that speaks to our struggles, a sense of validation washes over us. We realize we’re not alone in our pain, fear, or loss. By acknowledging shared experiences, poetry validates our emotions and grants a sense of belonging.

Through the act of reading or writing poetry, we achieve a cathartic release. Putting difficult emotions into words, even borrowing words from a poem, allows us to process them in a healthy way. This process of externalizing pain is a crucial step toward healing.

Poetry offers new perspectives with regard to our challenges. By presenting metaphors, similes, and unexpected imagery, poets can help us see our circumstances in a fresh light. This reframing allows for a shift in perspective, potentially leading to a more positive outlook.

There is also research suggesting that poetry isn’t just metaphorically healing. It actually has a tangible impact on our brains. And is imbedded in our subconscious. Studies have shown that reading poetry activates the same regions of the brain associated with empathy, memory, and emotional processing. Additionally, writing poetry allows for self-expression, which can foster self-awareness and a greater sense of control over one’s life. Thus, through poetry, feeding and nurturing the soul is achievable.

Feeding and Nurturing the Soul Through Poetry

Let us dissect the healing properties of poetry with this poem from Brion K. Hanks entitled What Is Possible, Is.

What Is Possible, Is

As the inspiration for and accepting of change,

The freedom to fail or succeed is always ours.

The art of observation is life-long and certainly

Chapter after life chapter, let us be an open book.

What is possible, is, when we step on the path.

The great nurturer is the best of human nature.

A unique you or me won’t be defined as common

When our labor of love is achieving righteous goals.

Be open to the possible that challenges us now,

And let’s never permit the unexpected to stop us.

As a driving force, our talent will be triumphant.

We need not wonder; possibility won’t be fleeting.

Yet, let’s not allow reality to weigh us down.

And trade not the truth for any short-term gain.

If only one moment at a time, let audacity prevail.

Live life: love fiercely, and learn along the way.

What is possible, is!

This poem from Brion K. Hanks is a marvelous call to perseverance and renewal. Simple and straightforward, the lines resound like a priest’s sermon, extolling readers to find their individual strengths and let them be their foundations towards healing and striving forward.

A Journey Towards Wholeness

Whether reading or writing, poetry offers a transformative path toward feeding and nurturing the soul. It allows us to validate our emotions and reframe challenges. With the right poem, we can connect with something larger than ourselves. Thought-provoking poetry and prose can lead to life solutions.

By delving into its diverse forms and engaging in our own creative expression, we can find solace, understanding, and the strength to move forward on our journey toward wholeness.

Additionally, consider exploring these avenues to deepen your connection with poetry as a healing tool:

  • Poetry workshops: These provide a safe space to share your work and connect with others on a deeper level.
  • Poetry readings: Immerse yourself in the power of the spoken word by attending live poetry readings.
  • Online communities: Engage with other poetry enthusiasts and share your work in a supportive virtual space. is where the above two books can be reviewed and purchased. As well, Amazon and Barnes and Noble are sources too.