Motivation Through Composition: Inspirational Poetry

Writing poetry can sure be challenging. But once poets have mastered weaving art and imagery through their compositions, they’ll have the power to move mountains through inspirational poetry.

Inspirational poetry is often defined as a written picture painted through meaningful words. Every piece is earnestly curated to portray a moving emotion or convey a message that stories can’t consistently deliver. Poets condense as much symbolism, imagery, and essence to convey to their readers with the limited structure. Yet, despite this, poetry is a powerful tool to make readers feel something.

In its name, inspirational poetry touches people’s hearts to inspire change in every reader. It must be made as though it were yeast that uplifts people to grow and develop into better versions of themselves.

There are numerous types of poetry, but the most consequential are those written to inspire. Most poets write with romance in mind, expressing how their hearts hurt or yearn for that someone to love them back. Others cathartically write about darker social commentaries that provide excellent insights about society.

But what does sitting too much together with these unpleasant thoughts and emotions contribute to people on a personal and developmental level?

The Influence of Poetry

Poetry is emotional. It engages readers’ and even its creators’ emotions such that they can move them. The form of poetry one regularly consumes impacts one’s nature, psychological condition, and mindset. As much as certain poems move people to tears, empathetic of the poets’ heartbreak, other pieces offer an uplifting nature.

Pieces written to convey optimistic messages, laced with elements of love and hope, serve as inspirational poetry. These encourage readers to perceive and face life in a brighter light. Inspirational poetry can flip people’s worldviews if they once had a gloomy, pessimistic mindset. These poems are typically structured around simple messages of seizing the day or anticipating a better love. But often, they’re constructed with heavier ideas like dreams and an attempt to capture life’s essence.

Poetry by Brion K. Hanks

You’re made for something big; all it takes is one fearless step to start your journey.

This is at the heart of motivational and uplifting poetry by Brion K. Hanks. Entitled A Journey, this piece delicately defines the journey people experience in life. Woven through this piece are words of wisdom and direction from Mr. Hanks on how people can accomplish this journey. What they must be willing to do, to let go, and overcome throughout this lifelong voyage.

The Power Behind Inspirational Poetry

So, be bold, be brave and
Be about fulfilling needs
Today, tomorrow, and always
Journey onward and plant seeds
– A Journey, Brion K. Hanks

In reading inspirational poetry, people assume a more positive tone about life. While it’s as simple as exposure to optimism, reading these pieces can stand as cognitive restructuring. It replaces existing negativity by planting positive and reaffirming words and statements.

For instance, this stanza from Brion K. Hanks’ poem can instill in people the capacity to be fearless by reading and reflecting on the line: be bold, be brave. The little voice in one’s head that reads this line prompts and influences the mind toward changing an existing, possibly opposite, thought pattern. It’s as simple as talking to the mind and encouraging it to be more optimistic through constant exposure to positivity.

Reading for Positive Thinking

People’s immersion in inspirational poetry can help them internalize the underlying message. Again, using Mr. Hanks’ poem, the more people read through the lines and reflect on them, the more they reaffirm themselves that they are or will be experiencing what’s written down.

Be bold.

Be brave.

The more people read this, the more they remind themselves to act on what their mind says. Inspirational poetry then serves as an encouragement for people to translate written words into action. These statements help people overcome negativity and self-sabotaging thoughts. What people often repeat, they will believe in, thus prompting them to make positive changes.

Shifting the Perspective

Everyone views the world a little differently, through a lens that’s uniquely theirs. Reading another person’s written expression and life visualization offers a newer insight. It opens readers to a new, brighter perspective of life, different from how they’ve customarily looked at it.

Oh, to be a part of something
Much bigger than we are,
And to journey safely beyond
The stars viewed afar.
– A Journey, Brion K. Hanks

When people experience bleak lives, falling into a negative train of thought can be easy. Reading inspirational poetry can be a breath of fresh air, reminding people of what they’ve failed to see.

The mind works on patterns. It scans and accepts aspects of life that fit the available pattern. People who’ve spiraled into negativities look at the world, picking negativities to fit within their minds. But exposing one’s mind to a new, more positive perspective will refresh the mind’s viewpoint, allowing more positivity into one’s life.