Tales of a Traveler Book

My Book of Life in Review to date – Musings upon the past, present and future, through living and learning from life by way of love and loss, where courage and character matter.


I am open to hearing from you regarding the poetry and prose shared in Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose... Hopefully you connected with poems that you found as inspirational; perhaps comforting due to your own loss; and experiences with love as well. I invite you to share with family and friends as your means to make a difference with others.

Knowing each of us is a traveler, as well, we are the star of our own life story. A story in which we write hopefully with no regrets. On a daily basis, each of us should ask ourself, what will we do to avoid making our world get way worse? Leading with passion and purpose that is constructive for right human relations will go a long way towards a better world.



From Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose

A Leap of Faith
This is My Life
The Window

PS: Nearly 200 poems and a 9-page essay titled: God for an Interim Period of Time have gone into Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose. As well, take to heart what I conveyed in the Epilogue and Postscript.


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