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When the Rose Fades Book

As a result of sharing poetry I had written up to the year 2000 with my friend, Rich Carpenter, which included several poems I wrote because of losing a loved one and or friend, in addition to poems written while living in Sedona, Arizona, Rich approached me with the idea of creating what became the book When The Rose Fades (the title of a poem I had written). The focus was on Hospice and helping both those dealing with their own demise and for those grieving the loss of a loved one or friend. As a result, I then wrote numerous new poems to deal with living and dying; courage and character, and poems intended to be inspirational, thought-provoking and comforting as well.


If today is the future we created yesterday, how do we proceed with each tomorrow? Recognizing that the speed of life is so swift, we would be wise to recognize the importance of never wasting even one day. It matters not to what degree we make a difference. It only matters that we do it in whatever way we can.

Find your purpose, promote your passion in a manner that is contagious and know that growing through light and love is part of your way to contribute to a better world and beyond. In that regard, God’s speed!



Originated in When The Rose Fades. These three poems are also included in Tales of a Traveler...

A Journey
One Transition
Traveler of the Universe

In the words of a friend, “Within When The Rose Fades are words that provide comfort and healing, courage and compassion, and ultimately grace and healing…this book should be shared not shelved.”


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